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The Journey of Hmong Immigrants

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      Hello! Judy, Targ, and I(Duachi) are working on Hmong immigrants. We will interview some Hmong immigrants from our own school. The website is still under construction, so try to be patient!
      Let's start off with where the Hmong people originated...
      The Hmong people originated from from central Asia through Turkestan, Russia, Siberia, Mongolia, Manchuria, Honan, Tibet, and the plains of Yellow River. the Hmong originated in southwestern China or present-day Myanmar (Burma) and Tibet before migrating further into China as far north as the Yellow River. Our original hair color is brown-blondish, but a lot of Hmong have black hair from Chinese people. 
      There were many Hmong families in China, which the Chinese did not like us very much. Hmong were driven off the plains of the Yellow River between 2700 and 2300 B.C. The theory of China origin probably has the most support among historians. Hmong people became very strong, and the Chinese people didn't like what was going on. Then they started to kill the Hmong people and forced us to move us all to Southeast Asia. That is why there was a wall bulit to not let any Hmong people enter.We had a written scripture of our nation (Hmong) ,we had many things a government would have, but then the chinese burnt everything. The Chinese nation was actually most likely to be called the "Hmong dynasty."
   Hmong first began migrating into Southeast Asia around 1800 . There we couldn't find any land to live because everywhere we went was occupied. We built small villages in the high mountains and lived there where it was unoccupied. The place where we had settled in, people were scared to enter the mountains. As for us Hmong, we were scared too, but we had no where else to go.
  At last, we started a whole new life. When our community started to grow stronger, we decided to have a king. Armies guarded the mountains which no one would enter. This is why the Americans had asked us to help fight. They stayed in our place up in and between the valley where sattlelight can't even be reached or sent. This is one reason why it is called the "secret war."  
  When Hmong armies were dying in the presence of Americans, back in the villages the news was heard and Communists started to invade thier land. We escaped towards the jungle with no food or clothing. It took days to reach the Mokong River, one of the largest rivers in the world.
  There was Communists searhing for Hmong escapes, and they would find many and kill them without letting them have a second chance.
  At last, when they reach the river, it is so huge that many people would die or get caught by the communists. Mothers would have to stay with their children or leave their children behind. Many times, men who cared would take one child on their back to cross the river.
Narrative Script


          Our report is on the Hmong Refugees. The first Hmong refugees came to America during the Vietnam War. They were promised the opportunity to come to America, if they helped the Americans in the War. Although some Hmong people were brought to America, many were left behind. All the Hmong people who were left behind had to run away leaving their homes and cherished items. The women who were captured by the Vietnamese soldiers were raped to death, while the men and children were killed. The Hmong people try to run away from this tragic. They ran into the mountains and the forests, where they swam across the Mekong River to Thailand, and were put into camps and forest for safety. About 34 years after the Vietnam War, some Hmong refugees were brought to America.

The Hmong lived in different parts of Thailand. They grew crops and lived together in Thailand. However, they were to be quiet so that the Vietnamese people would not hear them. Sometimes if the kid cries too much, they would be killed or poison by the parents. Most of the Hmong lived in houses made out of bamboo. Those houses were not strong and had many gaps. When it rain, water would go through into the house.  The Hmong had a hard time living in Thailand. They didn’t have bathroom or showers. They would go out to the rivers and take showers while the people who needed to use the bathroom went to the wood. They used branches and leaf as toilet paper.

In Thailand, many Hmong didn’t have work. Families mostly grew crops for the family or sometime sell the crops to get money. They spend most of their day farming and getting water for the family. During that time, everything was so expensive that they only ate two meals a day. Poor family killed only one pig a year. That pig has to last them throughout the whole year. Many families raised animal such as pig, cow, chicken, and water buffalo. The animals that they raised were to mate with others to have baby. In the family, most of the boys went to school while the girl stayed home and help out. They had to do chores and got out to the rivers to get water. The Hmong believe that if the son goes to school, he can help the family more. At that time, education wasn’t free so many people didn’t attend. Only the wealthy people did.

When the Hmong first came to America, they had to take a test. That test was to show how much they know about America. They had to have sponsor in America in order for them to come.. The Hmong had to have relatives that are willing to share their home.

Some families were happy to come while others were sad. They didn’t want to leave their house and other things behind. Some couldn’t wait to get on the airplane while others just wanted to get to America. It was hard for the new Hmong refugee when they first got here. They couldn’t do much because they couldn’t speak or understand English. They were used to their daily life in Thailand because all they did was wake up in the morning and go farming.

Some Hmong refugees are now attending school. Many students are attending Clovis East High School in Clovis. They are learning how to write and speak in English. Some like the opportunity of going to school while others are still getting use to it. Many of them like coming to school because of the free education. Clovis East High School is doing their best at helping the kids to understand English. The Hmong American is helping the refugee by going into their class or communicating with them during break and lunch. Each day, they are learning more and more about everything.  

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